The Menorca Footwear Manufacturers Association was founded as an Association on 8 june 1983, under the auspices of spanish Law 19/77 and 1/477.

Its aims include:

  • A permanent, efficient union of footwear manufacturers.
  • Represent, manage and defend the economic, social, employment and professional interests of its associates.
  • Establish common services of a technical, informative, legal, economic, social or any other nature that may be necessary or advisable to best protect the Association’s and its associates’ interests.
  • Intervene in regulating relations between employees and employers, creating collective wage agreements, or other agreements, and offering consultations to the associated companies where such agreements are implemented.
  • Intervene in labour disputes between employers and employees in the sector while proposing the pertinent solutions.
  • Maintain relations with analogous entities and organisations, of both an official and private nature, nationally or worldwide, managing the establishment, along with the public authorities, of industrial, economic, financial, taxation or other policy measures for the sector’s benefit. Likewise, issue reports or rulings as requested by official or private organisations, and by the courts.